An important message from our CEO, Oskar.

I normally don’t make personal statements on world events, as our main mission at Polaroid is to make products that let people express themselves, feel, love, laugh, and create.⁠

However, witnessing war break out in Ukraine and the invasion of a country that shares a long border with Poland where I grew up, I want to say something.

We are in a situation where for millions of people in Ukraine reality changed overnight. They cannot do any of those things above. They’re running from guns and tanks, seeking shelter and food, and fighting to protect their home.⁠

We are against war and will support those most heavily affected by it - the Ukrainian people.⁠

In the short term we will be donating to a few organizations, two of which operate out of Poland, which has become the biggest place for refugees to seek shelter.⁠ Although the organizations do other charity work, these donations are currently going 100% towards the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. You can find the links below.

Polish Humanitarian Action

Active in Ukraine since 2014. Now focusing on humanitarian aid and food supporting people both inside Ukraine and those crossing the border to come to Poland.

Donate now.

Polish Medical Mission

Currently delivering medical supplies and assistance to the places in Ukraine that need them the most.

Donate now.


Ensuring that Ukraine's children have access to safe water, nutrition, health care, education and protection.

Donate now.

Red Cross

Repairing infrastructure, providing medicines and equipment, and supporting families with food and hygiene items.

Donate now.

Further to this, we are suspending our business with Russia in solidarity with the international community.⁠

I would like to end with something very important.⁠
1. We are all humans above all.⁠
2. The invasion of Ukraine was not decided by the Russian people.⁠

Let’s have compassion and love for everyone affected by this and support each other as best as we can.

Oskar⁠ (@oskarozwald)

Thanks for your photo @see.prash.