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Translation missing: en.Phone to Polaroid™ technology. Moving AR photos. Split frame collage. Take your creativity to the edge of the original Polaroid square format film with the Polaroid Lab

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Translation missing: en.Get sticky-back, photo-quality prints any place, any time. Just choose your moment, hit the Polaroid Hi·Print app and make it your own

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Translation missing: en.<p>Bring the good times on your digital camera reel to life with your very own, very cool <a href="/collections/instant-printers">Polaroid Lab instant printer</a>. The Polaroid Lab instant printer is made to turn the digital photos on your camera or smartphone into real-life Polaroid photos on <a href="/collections/instant-film">Polaroid instant film</a> using the magic of Polaroid printer chemistry. Consider it your personal Polaroid printer, a desktop darkroom you can use any time to free the moments caught on your digital device. And we know – there are thousands just waiting! Pair the Polaroid Lab instant printer with the official Polaroid app to create collages to share or keep, or use the augmented reality feature to produce short films to play with the Polaroid app.</p><p></p><p>Sticker fan from way back? The new <a href="/collections/hi-print">Polaroid Hi-Print 2x3</a> brings it all in, an easy-to-use Polaroid instant printer for pocket-sized stickers made from your favourite photos and digital captures. Be the photographer with stickers of your own photo moments, or save those brilliant internet finds as still images to edit, frame and stickerise with your portable Polaroid printer and phone. Get photo quality and life-like prints with the Hi-Print 2x3’s die-sublimation technology. Whichever Polaroid instant printer you use, stash a few spare packs of Polaroid printer paper or film away for a rainy day and the rest is up to your imagination.</p>