Job title

Senior Data Analyst (interim)


Amsterdam, the Netherlands  

About us: iconic brand, tiny company.

Polaroid was founded in 1937 by one of the most seminal innovators of the 20th century, Edwin Land. His motto was, “don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.” In 2008, Polaroid shuttered its last factory but a group of diehard fans came together as The Impossible Project to save instant film. Over 10 years later that startup acquired what was left of Polaroid and today we’re again a small group of people passionate about empowering creators to change the world in the name of Polaroid.

Our values: Be curious, be open, be human, be driven.

We are a creative brand because of our story. We are a creative company because of our people. What connects all Polaroid employees is shared values and our approach to work. This is why we are asked to imagine and simplify rather than perfect. Why we can disagree and crack a joke in the same conversation. Why we can come to work with blue or pink hair. This is more than just words and phrases. This is what we look for in people. We move fast, follow our gut instinct, and dream so big it gives some people nightmares. Working here is not for everyone. But if this excites you, then you are our kind of crazy. And you’ll have the time of your life.

What we are building: tools for creators.

Throughout its 80-year history, Polaroid was at its best when we made tools for people to express themselves, push boundaries and move culture forward. In the next decade, we are getting back to this purpose. We're not solving small problems, and we're not addressing a small market; our goal is to make products that will make the world more meaningful and human.

Your role: inspire and inform the company to make better decisions with data.

We are looking for an interim data analyst with great stakeholder skills and business acumen. You will be responsible for leveraging our data to identify new opportunities and inform leadership and the rest of the company about the performance of our products. 2023 will be an exciting year with lots of new product releases, so we want you to help us track how they perform and help us anticipate for the future.

You will be part of the Insights team that sits within the Product department. Your main stakeholders will be from the Product department, but you will also work closely with Marketing, Wholesales, E-commerce, Customer Service, Biz Dev, Brand and Operations to aid their understanding of product health. While you will be surrounded by a few other data and insights professionals such as a web data analyst, a senior researcher and a data engineer, we want you to be highly self-starting and take an active role in coming up with new ways of making impact and to take our data culture further.

What you will do:

  • You will collect data from various sources and tools such as, wholesale, app data, market data, customer reviews, social media, brand studies and marketing and turn them into insights to draw conclusions about customer behavior, Polaroid’s market penetration, product performance, product usage and brand love.
  • Part of your time will be spent on maintaining and leveraging existing data solutions such as scripts, dashboards and slide decks, another large part will be uncovering and preparing new data sources and insights.
  • You will monitor KPIs and own, maintain and improve such things as monthly and quarterly reports and dashboards using data processing techniques.
  • You’ll perform data analyses with the help of SQL, Python or R to answer exciting business questions that are either requested by stakeholders, but often times also self-driven.
  • You’ll have a big focus on internal communications; it is your responsibility to inform and inspire our company through things like our own Insights Newsletter and impactful presentations with strong visuals.
  • You’ll act as an empathetic observer, spotting gaps, problems or misunderstandings around insights and execute self-directed projects to solve those.

How we see the ideal candidate – important: you do not have to tick all the boxes; we are not looking for a perfect CV, but for a passionate, talented and empathetic individual to complete our team. If you feel you would make impact in this role, please apply!

  • Business acumen: You love to get things done and generate impact. You are keen to understand a business problem and how to translate that into a pragmatic BI solution. Sometimes you are even better and quicker at that than your stakeholder.
  • Technical data/BI Skills: Strong data visualization and dashboarding skills (most importantly PowerBI/DAX, Google Datastudio, Tableau or think-cell are a plus). Experience with GCP or Azure are desired (Azure Synapse/Databricks/Azure Data Lake/BigQuery/Google Analytics) as well as solid data processing skills (SQL, data cleaning). Basic statistical analysis is required. Other programming languages such as Python, R or Matlab are a plus.
  • Data Storytelling Experience: 2+ years in a data / BI role or a similar role on the intersection between business and data (ideally start-up/scale-up).
  • Analytical thinking: You love understanding how facts and patterns affect one another. You gather enough information and analyze their root cause to draw conclusions that are sound and convincing.
  • Creative problem-solving: Our data is not perfect. Knowing this exhilarates you as it requires you to be creative to find other sources of data that might be less conventional or less easily available. It means you can challenge the way things are being done and possibly find an even better way.
  • Business domain knowledge: Preferably, you have worked in a company that makes physical products before. Having experience with a wholesale-heavy business would also be a big plus.
  • Entrepreneurial Ambition: You’d love to start a company one day or to undertake a project that’s important and nearly impossible. A lack of formal structure excites you. You want to roll up your sleeves in a very small team that could scale one day.
  • Kindness: “Team player” is not just something you write on your CV but you truly care about others and that shows in your collaboration and communication.
  • Insanely Good Written and Visual Communication: You are concise, thorough, and know how to facilitate decisions internally. You care about design language, and enjoy writing to express your ideas.
  • Interest in cultural/ethnographic work: Experience in journalism, extensive travel, work for culturally relevant brands, and or work with artists.

What to expect

This is a freelance interim role based in our Amsterdam HQ (Houthavens). You will be part of the Insights team that sits in the Product department.


If you’d like to be considered for the role, please email your CV and/or any other relevant information to support your application to Polaroid’s Recruitment team (