Aim high

Taking your own Polaroid headshot requires you to be bold. Hold your camera upward at arm's length and aim it slightly down. Extra points for bringing your friends to the party.

Flash on

The flash is your best friend. Stand around 4 feet (120cm) from your subject or 1-3 feet (30-90cm) if your camera has portrait mode, and shoot on a background that pops. The flash will give that extra saturation.

Party people

We've all seen the Polaroid shots where some of your team are crystal clear and others are a blur. Get creative with angles. “One of my favorite group shots has the subjects lying down, to create a unique look that keeps everyone in focus.”

Throw shade

For added mystique, skip the flash and play with light sources. Think neons or colored bulbs to create the impression you're getting a look behind the scenes. Selective lighting of your subject's face can also create the illusion of backstage-chic.