Color SX‑70 Film – Paul Giambarba Edition Five Pack

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Polaroid’s colorful spectrum owes its brilliance to late design maestro Paul Giambarba (1928-2023). Now, to honor his vibrant legacy, this exclusive Color SX-70 film packaging takes inspiration from one of his original designs. This is an opportunity to seize the essence of the original 1970s SX-70 packaging - a true piece of Polaroid history. Capture with 40 classic white frames in this five-pack film bundle, and be sure to keep the boxes as treasured works of art.

Polaroid will be donating 10% of all the Paul Giambarba Edition film sales to the Cape Cod Art Center, selected by Giambarba's family. This contribution is a tribute to his vision and legacy that embraced learning by doing.

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